In new York will be a memorial to the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando

In new York will be a memorial to the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando

About a year after the mass killings in the night club Pulse in Orlando (Florida), Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo has presented the project of a memorial in memory of the victims of the mass shooting and in a sign of respect for the LGBT community. The memorial will be located in Hudson River Park near the water between Bethune Street and West 12th Street. The author of the project was Antonio Goicolea.

«I’m honored to join Governor Cuomo and the Memorial of the Commission for LGBT people in working on this important project to honor the memory of those who became a victim of hatred, violence and intolerance, highlighting the beauty of LGBT people,» said Goicolea in a press release. «This monument will serve as a common space filled with light, colour and hope, where visitors can sit, cry, love and remember for many years.»

According to a press release, the monument consists of nine boulders, some of which will be «split in half transparent, laminated, borosilicate glass with fire-resistant components, which act as prisms to create a rainbow of patterns on the surrounding lawn and nearby objects.»

«This stunning design complements the landscape and conveys a timeless message about participation and support. The memorial will serve as a lasting symbol of the role that new Yorkers play in creating a more just world,» said Governor Cuomo in a press release.