In the United States reduced life expectancy! A published report by the CDC

According to a report by the CDC, life expectancy in the U.S. is 78.6 years — 0.1 less than a year ago. Pull down quantitatively increasing the death was caused by suicide and drug overdose.

According to the CDC, our nation is experiencing the “longest sustained decline in expected life span at birth in a century.” via @DavidAFrench

— National Review (@NRO) November 29, 2018

Despite the fact that health care costs in the US are growing, the trend of reduction in life expectancy. CDC published the final synthesis report of the Centers for disease control. According to the data presented in the report, the key indicator is 78, 6 years old. Last year the figure was 78.7 years. It may not be a very large drop, but the Americans are spending so much on medicine wanted to see the growth of this indicator. In total, 2017 died 2 813 503 American 69 255 more than in 2016.

Life expectancy in the US dropped again last year as more younger Americans are dying from drug overdoses and suicide. The CDC is calling the data a «wakeup call.»

— Connor Ryan (@connortryan) November 29, 2018

However, physicians have something to boast of progress in the fight against major killers of our time — reduced mortality from cancer, stroke and heart disease. For the period 2006-2016, G. G., mortality from cancer decreased by 7% in men and 13% women), 16% and 17% of stroke by 18% and 22% from heart disease, 6% and 17% of diabetes, 16% and 19% of unintentional injuries and 25% and 31% of Alzheimer’s disease.

However, the leaders of the new executioners. 3.7% increase in the number of suicides only in 2017 compared with 2016. In the same year, by 9.6% increased mortality from drug overdose. Looks alarming increase in deaths from liver disease.

AFM: CDC identifies 31 states with 116 confirmed cases of polio-like disease.

— CNN Health (@cnnhealth) November 26, 2018

Extend the life, as it turns out from the report, having moved to another state. Less all live in the southern United States. Outsider — Mississippi, where the projected life expectancy of 74.7 years. Longer live in the northeast and Western States. Few will be surprised, but the best feeling in Hawaii. The average for the state then counted 81.3 years.