Traditions of family life in the USA, Great Britain and Japan

Traditions of family life in the USA, Great Britain and Japan

Own family atmosphere relations inherent in every nation. And, as a rule, the traditions of family relations are cultivated and remain practically unchanged for many centuries. Some of them seem to us, if not strange, then at least not quite ordinary. So, what are the main features of the family way of life among peoples in different parts of the world?

USA: democracy and the marriage contract

The creed of the American family life is that the family should only be happy. The average American or American will get divorced quite easily if they lose their sense of comfort in their marriage.

Traditions of family life in the USA, Great Britain and Japan

America is the land of marriage contracts. There they are considered the norm and are common everywhere. They regulate everything: from the terms of financial obligations during a divorce and the amount of each spouse's contribution to the family budget, ending with the division of responsibilities for the «care» of jointly acquired pets. But romance in American family relationships, perhaps, is not enough.

In many ways, relationships in American marriage are also determined by the feminist moods that prevail in society. An American does not consider it obligatory, for example, to give his wife a hand when she gets out of the car. Simply because a woman is quite able to cope with these simple processes herself, and not from a lack of elementary politeness. Relations in the family are built on the principles of democracy (as such, there is no “expressed” head of the family, both husband and wife can both earn money and perform household duties).

Japan: the family is a reflection of the social psychology of the people

One of the main features of the Japanese family is patriarchy. The man is the head of the family. A virtuous Japanese spouse should be an inconspicuous shadow, whose duties include housekeeping and caring for the state of mind of her husband. But the Japanese wife is not the disenfranchised slave of the husband-master. A Japanese woman, if she corresponds to the ideal of a Japanese wife, that is, behaves submissively and humbly, is never subjected to insults and humiliation by her husband and enjoys the well-deserved respect of family members and the whole society. A Japanese woman is not only the keeper of the hearth, but also the main manager of the family budget. As for how to increase this budget, let my husband have a headache.

Traditions of family life in the USA, Great Britain and Japan

The Japanese wife looks through her fingers at the adventures of her husband on the side. It is not the betrayal of a man that is considered immoral (by the way, this does not apply to women — female adultery is strictly condemned), but manifestations of jealousy on the part of a woman.

Most recently, marriages in Japan «by calculation» — the spouse or spouse for their already adult child was chosen by the parents. This tradition continues to this day. Although she is no longer so strong, romantic relationships are still not a defining moment when entering into marriage.

Great Britain: restraint and loyalty to traditions

The famous stiffness and pragmatism of the British takes place in family life. In marriage, financial issues come to the fore: life in the UK is an expensive pleasure. A late child in a family is a common occurrence. English spouses usually give birth to children only when they are firmly on their feet.

Adherence to traditions is another feature inherent in the English family. Family tea parties and festive dinners are an indispensable attribute of the life of English spouses.