Los Angeles is among the five most expensive cities

Los Angeles is among the five most expensive cities

In Los Angeles you are unlikely to save money. Version GOBankingRates, the city was in the top five most expensive places to live, behind only San Francisco.

When comparing 60 large American settlements was estimated by the following factors:

  • the median household income
  • the unemployment rate
  • the average home value
  • the average price of rental housing
  • the average price of gasoline
  • the cost of food
  • the amount of the tax from sales

The combination of high prices for purchase and rental properties with low income put Los Angeles on the second step in the list of the worst cities to live. In third place was Auckland with its expensive homes, followed by new York, and the top five most expensive cities in Anaheim.

However, not all analysts agree with such a strict verdict. According to Expatistan, Los Angeles was only in 7th place in the similar rating. When planning, take into account not only the average income and housing prices, and public transportation, the cost of Internet and food in fast food restaurants.