Family trump bankrupted the Secret service

Family trump bankrupted the Secret service

The secret service of the USA for 7 months that have passed since the inauguration of President Donald trump, spent their annual budget, and now she has no money to pay agents overtime.

On this day, 21 August, said the Director of the Secret service Randolph Alles.

Family trump bankrupted the Secret service

«The President has a big family, and we are required by law to protect them,» said Alles. «I can’t change it».

The Director of the Secret service added that the administration trump the law 42 people entitled to the protection Service, from them 18 persons – members of the President’s family. In the «era of Obama» these people only had 31.

For seven months of the trump agents accompanied him almost every weekend in Florida, new Jersey and Virginia. They also guarded the President’s family who have made travel across the U.S. and abroad and went on vacation.

Alles said he began talks with lawmakers about raising the salaries for the agents.

But, according to his calculations, 130 people worked hundreds of hours overtime, still can not get compensation.

As reported by USA Today, it is estimated that one trip of the President in his residence Mar-a-Lago in Florida costs about 3 million dollars.

Almost 60 thousand dollars Secret service spent on rent Golf carsto accompany trump during his trips to the Golf clubs of Florida and new Jersey.

A member of the house of representatives Democrat Elijah Cummings has held talks with Allison and promised to find a permanent solution. This was told by his press Secretary, Jennifer Werner.
«Of course, the Secret service will not be able to recruit and retain the best of the best, if they are not properly paid,» said Werner.