In the Los Angeles schools will have vegetarian menu

In the Los Angeles schools will have vegetarian menu

In recent years, vegetarianism has become a popular destination among young people — more teenagers forgo meat in favor of plant foods. In the United school district of Los Angeles decided to take note of this trend.

With the new academic year high school students from local schools will be easier to observe the eating habits — a pilot program in the menu, some schools have added vegetarian options. Meat and milk in their composition was replaced by soybean products.

In the Los Angeles schools will have vegetarian menu

From the 5th of September, in the range of buffets senior schools will present dishes such as bean tamales, vegetable burgers with Japanese teriyaki sauce, sandwiches with soy sausages, as well as salads and fruit snacks for children with intolerance to soy protein.

Tasting menu will be available in 7 establishments until November 17 — for two and a half months school officials will study the demand for new culinary offerings, and then decide upon the further distribution of the program.

Plant food is present in school cafeterias, but officials believe that this is not enough to meet the needs of pupils with special views on nutrition.

Is not the first vegetarianism is the subject of debate among nutritionists. Despite the numerous benefits of this diet, the lack of meat it is useful not to all.

In particular, children and adolescents is not recommended to completely abandon animal products in the first place because of plant foods may not provide the growing body with sufficient amino acids.