In the Western United States — floods and evacuation in the Midwest — again tornado

On the calendar — less than a month until the summer, but in some regions of the United States continues to harsh weather conditions.

So, due to heavy rains and intensive melting of snow came from the banks of rivers and streams in Montana and parts of Washington state. In the County of Missoula (Montana) for a dozen houses issued notices of mandatory evacuationas the water level in the tributaries of the Missouri is growing rapidly. According to weather forecasts, the region could face the biggest flood since 1981.

Several rivers in Eastern Washington also went out of its banks. Here, a mandatory evacuation was not announced, but the residents encouraged to be prepared for it at any time.

In the Midwest — their weather problems. Storm front, which today, according to meteorologists, will reach the Illinois, Indiana and Michigan, will bring heavy wind, hail and perhaps even tornadoes. The danger will remain until the end of Thursday, may 10.

A front hook and northeast of the country. Tornadoes here, fortunately, is not foreseeable, but in the region of possible showers and thunderstorms, gusty winds and hail.