The skyscrapers of new York collapsed lightning (photo, video)

Last night, may 10, new York and the entire northeast United States was covered thunderstorms.

Airports are Philadelphia (PA), Baltimore (MD), Washington (D.C.), new York and Newark (NJ), reported dozens of delays or cancellations.

To the South, in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, residents are even less fortunate. Here fell major degree. In addition, more than 10 thousand people were left without electricity in Virginia and North Carolina.

Residents of new York have made impressive photos and video of lightning, stared at a particularly impressive against the city skyline.

However, zips are best admired from the house. Forecasters are calling: first thunder try to go into the room. (Arch, gazebo or Golf cart will save from the rain, but will not protect from lightning.)

During a thunderstorm, never hide under a tree or a small group of isolated trees. And it is not necessary, perhaps, to remind about the dangers of swimming in a thunderstorm in the ponds.

Here are some pictures of a stormthat new Yorkers shared in social networks.

Thunderstorms over #manhattan #nyc

— Laurent Fanichet (@fanichet) May 11, 2018