Meteorologists urge new Yorkers to prepare for a sharp deterioration in the weather

Today, may 15, in the state of new York announced the threat of a tornado. The specialists of the National weather service (National Weather Service) warned of a high probability of squalls, hail and rain storm.

The storm will overtake new York in Tuesday evening and will run amok until late at night. At the moment the warning about the sharp deterioration of weather conditions is important for the 37 million inhabitants of the several States.

The forecasts of meteorologists differ. Some suggest that a rain storm will start at about 6 PM, while others report the beginning of the storm closer to 8 hours. However, most forecasts agree that the storm will continue to rage about until 2 a.m. Wednesday.

The authorities in new York are warning of possible blackouts, shortages of frequent public transport and falling trees. It is also possible the cancellation of flights in civil airports, so it pays to be prepared for flight delays.

Police are asking drivers not to use the transport unless absolutely necessary, and residents of new York and areas in which it is expected deterioration of weather, to remain at home. If you were on the street during the storm warning, it is necessary to closely monitor the changing weather conditions.

If you encounter a tornado, or hail it is urgent to take refuge in the building. In no case can not seek refuge under trees and flimsy structures. In addition, meteorologists are reminded that from-for bad weather significant changes in temperature. Noticeable at night will be cold, and therefore, you should keep warm clothes at hand.