In California, the floods and 200 people are still missing after a forest fire

In place of the dry weather, which for so long failed to put out the most terrible in the history of California fires, upstate came the rains, and with them — and floods.

Some residents who have already managed to return to their homes in Northern California, had to evacuate again — now because of the floods. According to the authorities, no one was injured, however, in 3 cases, rescuers had to use boats to rescue people from the buildings in which the water comes. About 100 cars on the tracks, police launched ago, as some roads were also flooded.

Fortunately, the heavy rain ended by the evening of Thursday, November 29. The terrain is not so mountainous, so the danger of big landslides here.

Dale ward of Chico told the Associated Press that for the last 3 weeks he had to evacuate twice.

«Wherever you turned, everywhere you meet people who lost everything. Looks like the four horsemen of the Apocalypse may be here at any moment», — joked the man.

According to the Butte County Sheriff Cory Honea, most likely, residents will be able to return to their homes early next week — if they survived.

At the same time, the authorities officially ended the search for human remains in the town of Paradise, which suffered most from the fire.

Now 88 people in the list of the dead, and about 200 are still missing.

The number of victims is already doing forest fires in California the most deadly in history and the second in U.S. history. Sad first place is held by forest fire, 1918 in Minnesota, which claimed the lives of about 1 million people.

Recall, the 90-year-old businessman gave $1 million to students and teachers of the school burnt the city.