Numerous tornadoes hit the United States, destroying trees and tearing the house to pieces

Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, Ohio and Indiana are faced with severe weather disasters in the last days. In the States, was lashed with heavy rains, hail, strong storms, tornado.

Millions of Americans suffered from bad weather, houses destroyed, power lines are damaged. In some districts of Arkansas began evacuating, fearing disastrous floods in the cities of van Buren and Fort Smith. Warnings are also announced in Oklahoma, Tulsa.

On the weekend, about 30 people were injured, several were killed and hundreds were left homeless in the Central United States. On Monday, the storm had reached Dayton in Ohio.

Tornado damage in #Dayton. #daywx

— Jamie Jarosik (@JamieJarosik) May 28, 2019

According to the National weather service (NWS) in Wilmington (Ohio), a tornado passed through the County of Montgomery in the night from 27 to 28 may, causing considerable damage to the Daytona. Residents warned of extremely dangerous weather conditions and advised to find shelter. The first devastating tornado struck the city of Trotwood, near Dayton, on Monday evening. Then the element is swept across the rest of the state, causing maximum damage in Dayton and Celina. Currently, more than five million people in Ohio were without electricity.

The photographs of the residents can see what terrible destruction was caused by tornado in Dayton. Dozens of residents were trapped in their houses, there are wounded. Houses were ripped in half and flattened in the blink of an eye.

Authorities are eliminating the consequences of the merciless elements, snow machines clean the debris after a tornado, gather the tow wrecked cars from the side of the road.