Zakharov concerned about the creation of America Microbiology laboratories at the borders of Russia

The United States has set microbiological laboratories in countries bordering Russia, said at a briefing today, the Director of the Department of information and press of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

According to her, Russia is particularly concerned about the «medical-biological activities» of the US close its borders, while America in this case and did not violate international agreements and acts in the framework of the Convention on safe weapons (BTWC).

In his speech Zakharov touched upon the main themes hundredIing on the agenda. First of all, the representative of the foreign Ministry mentioned the Syrian conflict, saying that government forces in Syria had to storm the Duma, since the rebels allegedly began shelling the city, which killed 8 people. According to Zakharov, it happened April 6 — the day before, the inhabitants of the Duma suffered from a gas attack, which the United States accused Russia and Iran.

#Zakharova: the statement @WHO as fact is irresponsible dissemination of unfounded and unsubstantiated information, provoking wishing to inflame the Syrian conflict to new aggressive actions

— Russian foreign Ministry 🇷🇺 (@MID_RF) April 12, 2018

In addition, Zakharova said about the proliferation of authorities in the UK of misinformation in the case of poisoning of a former informant for MI6 Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. Moscow does not agree with the conclusions of the British investigators, while London does not provide evidence, Russian officials did not personally conduct a conversation with the victims, said the head of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry.

The smithereens official has criticized the Ukrainian authorities for the arrest in Odessa of the ship dredger Sea Breeze. «Require Ukraine to stop the desecration of our sailors and allow them to freely return to his native Crimea», — said Zakharov.

#Zakharova: for the third week …of the members of the crew of a Russian fishing boat «Nord» under false pretenses is actually held as hostages in Ukraine. The cynicism of Ukrainian temporary worker, bordering on sadism, demonstrates once again the duplicitous nature of the Kiev leadership

— Russian foreign Ministry 🇷🇺 (@MID_RF) April 12, 2018