The driver hooked a dog on the road and took her to his car. But it was not the dog

Ali Boroditsky was driving to work the night shift along a narrow rural road in Manitoba (Canada), when all of a sudden hit the animal. The man was sure that this dog. He parked and ran to the animal, which fell into a ditch.

«I thought it was a German shepherd or husky, — said the driver. – I stroked the animal, it showed no signs of aggression, and I decided to take him in the car.»

Boroditsky drove a few miles to his work – the cheese plant in new Bothwell. One colleague went to look at an animal and gave Eli a big surprise.

«Dog» actually was a coyote.
«It’s amazing. It was simply a manual» — surprised the man.

The driver hooked a dog on the road and took her to his car. But it was not the dogPhoto: Aviva Cohen

Boroditsky called the Department of conservation, and they said that they can only come back in the morning. All this time, about 11 o’clock, the coyote calmly spent in a warm car in the back seat.

Zoe Nakata, Executive Director of the rehabilitation center for wild animals, told CNN that a young coyote is now well recovered, is recovering and «getting stronger every day.»

According to her, the animal received a head injury, but not serious. A few weeks later the coyote will be ready to go back into the wild.

She also urged people to be careful if they see a large wounded animal, because, when he regained consciousness, animals can jump to humans.

«Immediately call the rehabilitation center or the local Department of environmental protection. People’s safety is the number one priority,» said Nakata.