Interpol has warned that drug traffickers posing as couriers food delivery during the quarantine

Interpol warns that drug traffickers posing as delivery drivers food to continue to sell drugs during the quarantine.

According to the International police Association, police organization, police in the UK, Ireland, Malaysia and Spain have reported cases where drug traffickers posing as employees of a delivery service of food, and was also carrying illegal drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, ketamine and ecstasy, reports CNN.

In April, Spanish police arrested seven men dressed in the uniform of drivers-couriers who transported cocaine and marijuana on bicycles, motorcycles and cars. According to Interpol, the drugs were hidden in the false bottom of bags for food delivery.

«The carriers may be complicit or unwittingly involved in drug trafficking. In the cases that Interpol was alerted, the suspects were sometimes disguised as delivery drivers food. In other cases these delivery drivers are eating consciously and willingly taken the drugs on behalf of criminal organizations for financial gain.» — stated in the message.

The organization also reports that these staff delivery was inadvertently embroiled in drug trafficking. In Malaysia, one of the couriers went to the police, when the contents of the bag caused him suspicion. He was delivering one order, which consisted of Indian cakes, but they weigh 11 pounds.

«Criminals continue to tailor its activities to the world, which has changed Covid-19.» Stephen said Cavanaugh, Executive Director police services of Interpol.