After a racial scandal network of Starbucks are allowed to visit their toilets to everyone

Now the toilets of a Starbucks open to everyone, regardless of whether they’re visitors of coffee houses of a network or just passers-by. The company has taken this step after the recent racial scandal, which began with the bathroom.

Recall that in mid-April, 2 business owners, blacks sat in one of Starbucks coffee houses in Philadelphia, waiting for a friend and slowly with the order. One of them asked the staff if he could use the restroom, and received a refusal. After that, visitors were asked to leave the coffee shop, and when they refused, the police were called.

The responding law enforcement officers arrested the stubborn guests of the coffeehouses, but were forced to release them due to lack of evidence.

This case caused a wide public resonance, and now Starbucks is trying to make amends to save face. Shortly after the incident, the company has temporarily shut down 8 thousand brand points to instruct employees about racial prejudice, and then agreed to pay higher education 2 the victims of discrimination — Donte Robinson and Resona Nelson.

The scandal turned into a benefit for young entrepreneurs, expelled from a coffee shop in Philadelphia: as compensation for the wrongful actions of the police, the city has established for them a program of financial assistance Fund of$200 thousand. This demand was put forward by Robinson and Nelson.