Bentley unveiled the car open for $2 million with the wood, which is 5000 years old (photo)

Company Bentley introduced the Mulliner Bacalar, a car with an open top for $2 million with a trim made from trees that fell over 5,000 years ago.

There will only be 12 of such vehicles.

The company planned to show Bacalar at the Geneva motor show, but this event was canceled due to fears of the coronavirus. Like many other automakers, Bentley decided to unveil the car online.

Bacalar is a Barchetta, the type of an open car with no roof (the word means «little boat» in Italian.) There’s even a removable fabric top. So in the event of rain, the car should be left in the garage.

Four-wheel drive vehicle equipped with a 12-cylinder engine producing 650 horsepower and has an eight-speed transmission.

Bacalar is named after the lake on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, known for its beauty.

Photo: Bentley

The interior is made from trees that are naturally preserved over 5,000 years in rivers, lakes and peat bogs of East Anglia. Aging for five millennia in the damp soil gave the wood a distinct black color. After the tree is dug up, it was dried under carefully controlled conditions to prevent decay.

Instead of the usual silver color badges on a Bentley Bacalar is made of dark bronze finish made of black titanium.

Bacalar is the first in a new line of very rare cars with a high degree of individuality that will be produced for a few «super-rich» buyers.

Strategy similar to what he did, sister company Bentley — Bugatti — both owned by the Volkswagen Group (VLKAF).

All 12 cars Bacalar had been pre-sold to customers.