In the United States arrested a suspect in the murder of the bride, which is included in the top ten most wanted FBI fugitives

Yesterday, March 7, the police of Maryland have detained Lamont Stevenson — a suspect in the murder, on 11 October 2018, made the list of 10 most wanted fugitives the FBI.

In the United States arrested a suspect in the murder of the bride, which is included in the top ten most wanted FBI fugitivesLamont Stevenson. Source: FBI

The man was wanted for the murder of his bride Olga, Dejesus, which occurred on 17 October, 2014, in Newark (new Jersey). The victim’s body and her Chihuahua found the victim’s daughter Cassandra, Dejesus, who decided to visit his mother.

According to the victim’s family, the bride and groom were familiar with the school and seemed very happy together, and in 2016 they had to be married. At the same time, Dejesus already had two children, and the Stephenson — four from two previous marriages. But the police immediately suspected Stevenson, who threw his mobile phone and was recorded by surveillance cameras at the station Newark Penn on the day of death, Dejesus.

A few months later, he was on the run and seemingly vanished from the field of law enforcement. 8 September 2017 the judge issued a Federal warrant for his arrest. The police suggested that Stevenson might be hiding in Virginia, North Carolina or South Carolina. The FBI has offered a reward of $100 thousand for information about the whereabouts of the suspect.

After Stevenson was reported missing in October of last year, the FBI said that it should be considered armed and dangerous, prone to sudden violence, particularly against women. These warnings were justified: by words a press-the Secretary of police Washington (D.C.) Kristen Metzger, Stephenson could also kill his current girlfriend 40-year-old Natina Kiah, who works in a homeless shelter. Police found a woman’s body when the evening of March 6 came to call her home.

A few hours after this Stevenson was detained by patrol officers County of Prince George (MD). Family Dejesus thanked the police for their efforts.

«Everyone who played a role in attracting Lamont to justice, made it for my sister, said the brother of Olga, Dejesus, Felix Dejesus Jr. — I know she’s looking down now and can finally rest in peace.»

Stevenson will be extradited back to new Jersey in the coming days.