Angry townspeople kidnapped the mayor, tied to a truck and dragged along the street for unfulfilled campaign promises

For mayor in Mexico unfulfilled campaign promises turned into very real consequences: the enraged townspeople tied him to a pickup truck and dragged through the streets in retaliation for the still not repaired the road.

A group of people broke into the office of Jorge Luis Escandon Hernandez of Las Margaritas (Chiapas) with the requirement to bring the roads in order — but, assuming that words alone may not be enough, decided to reinforce their business. The video, filmed by one of the witnesses, citizens, armed with sticks, force is removed the mayor from the building and pushed into a van in front of passers-by. After this part leaves dissatisfied, while among the small group left on the street, start a fight.

#VideoViral UN MECATE y un grupo de no más de 15 personas bastaron para sacar al presidente municipal de Las Margaritas, Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández, de la alcaldía mismísima #Chiapas

— Tinta Fresca Chiapas (@tinta_fresca) October 8, 2019

In the following video, which lasts just 17 seconds on the road going Toyota pickup truck, dragging behind attached to the body of Escandon. The car continued to drive through the city until, until the police intervened.

According to local media, in order to stop unhappy, it took 40 officers. As a result of their collisions with the citizens of at least 30 people were arrested, 20 were injured. The mayor also received injuries but they do not pose a threat to health.

Pobladores de Las Margaritas, Chiapas, amarran y arrastran al alcalde

En un video se aprecia que pobladores del municipio de Las Margaritas chiapaneco arrastran con una camioneta al alcalde Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández porque no ha cumplido con las obras prometidas.

— El Escrutador (@ElEscrutadorMx) October 9, 2019

8 hours after the incident Escandon made a speech in which he stated that he would not succumb to intimidation, and promised to bring charges of kidnapping and attempted murder.

This is not the first attack, presumably associated with the unfulfilled promises of the mayor. Four months ago a few people broke into his office and, finding there the Escandon, trashed the room and broke the window.