The woman managed to get on a Delta flight without a boarding pass, ID and instead showed a selfie on your phone

Last weekend a woman boarded a flight with Delta from Orlando (Florida) without ID and boarding pass, and authorities are trying to figure out how she did it.

According to the police incident report, the woman asked to see her boarding pass when she was in the place of another passenger.

Some employees of Delta, including the pilot, tried to get her to get up from the chair, but she didn’t budge.

«She just said, I’m not going anywhere,» said WFTV Jenny Clemons, the passenger, the place of which was taken by the woman (her name not yet released).

According to police, the woman said he threw a boarding pass.

«I just threw it out as soon as I got on the plane,» said the woman.

It has also failed to present an official ID and instead showed a selfie.

«MA’am, it’s not government issued ID. This photo,» said the stewardess.

«Well, that will do,» replied the awesome passenger.

«No, mA’am, that’s no good,» replied the stewardess.

In the end, «rabbit» was off the flight, all other passengers had again to pass the test, and the flight was delayed for almost three hours.

In an interview with police after exiting the plane, the woman said that she had no official ID. Police are investigating the incident jointly with the FBI.

A Delta representative apologized to the passengers for the delay.

«Safety is our top priority,» — said the representative of Delta.