For transferring money to Hezbollah, the United States accused the head of the Central Bank of Iran terrorism

The administration of President Donald trump called the head of the Central Bank of Iran a terrorist and said that it would impose sanctions against it. According to experts, this is another step in the isolation of this middle East state of the world financial system.

The U.S. Treasury Department (U.S. Department of the Treasury) accused the head of the Central Bank of Iran Valiullov Safe in facilitating the transfer of millions of dollars supported this country the militants «Hezbollah».

Hezbollah — the Lebanese militant Shiite organization and political party, advocating for the creation in Lebanon of an Islamic state on the Iranian model.

According to the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, safe «secretly transferred» money from the Revolutionary guard of Iran through the Islamic Bank «al-Bilād» in Iraq to help Hezbollah. Bank of Iraq are also threatening sanctions.

The Ministry of Finance said that the Safe will impose so-called «secondary sanctions.» This means that anyone who would cooperate with him, may be cut off from the US financial system.