Trump wants to tighten restrictions for immigrants seeking asylum

Monday, April 29, President Donald trump ordered to impose new restrictions on asylum-seekers on the Mexican border.

The note of the White house directed the acting national security Minister Kevin Macalinao and attorney General William Barr says about the fees for applying as a refugee, the prohibition on obtaining permission to work and resolve immigration cases within 180 days.

«The purpose of this Memorandum is to strengthen the asylum procedure to protect our system from unbridled abuse during the asylum process,» — said trump in the document.

According to the note, migrants who have entered or tried to illegally enter the United States, will not be allowed to obtain work permits while their applications will not be considered. Moreover, the Memorandum does not state, as will be introduced changes to the immigration courts. The difficulty lies in the fact that is now before the more than 800,000 cases and the average waiting time is almost two years.

Measures developed in response to the wave of migrants at the southwest border, are a continuation of tightened immigration program trump. However, they did not immediately take effect. The President urged Maculinea and Barra «to take all necessary measures» to achieve restrictive objectives within 90 days. Most likely, the offer, trump will face resistance from Democrats and immigration advocates.

Execution of the instructions of the President will be the first test for Maculinea, who this month was appointed acting Secretary after the departure of Kirsten Nielsen.