«Villa» in Florida, which the man bought on eBay, turned out to be a strip of land the width of the foot (photos)

The kerrville Holness thought he got a great deal, buying at auction, «Villa» costing $177 thousand for only $9100.

It was an online auction Broward County (state of Florida) for the sale of real estate of the company-developer, which have not fulfilled their tax liabilities.

However, instead of Villa Holness received a strip of land with a width of 1 foot and a length of 100 feet. It starts at the curb, where there are two mailboxes, passes under the wall dividing the garages of two neighboring villas in the heart of spring lake, and then extends to the rear of the plot.

«Villa» in Florida, which the man bought on eBay, turned out to be a strip of land the width of the foot (photos)Photo: Google Earth

«If I were vindictive enough, I could break through the wall of the garage and the house to get into my «airspace», but what do I use?», — says the man edition of the Sun Sentinel.

He wants the district canceled the deal and returned his money.

«It’s a hoax. In the photo there was no differentiation to show that this is just the line passing through the duplex villas. Photos of the appraiser of the property showed that the land for which I traded – this is the Villa».

This man is right, in the photo of demarcation was not, but on the website of the real estate appraiser on the County tax site, there was no data on the cost of the building (which implies that it is not there), and it was stated that the earth is only 100 square feet, and the width of the property is one foot.

«Of course, he can go to court and find some mistake in the procedure of sales, says Gary singer, an estate lawyer from South Florida. But strictly speaking, he bought what were supposed to buy.»

It is unknown why this strip of land was not attached to any of the adjoining properties and remained in possession of the developer, GHO Tamarac II.

After the company disbanded, it ceased to pay taxes, which led to the auction.

In the opinion of buyer, such property is simply not supposed to be put up for sale. But according to lawyer Richard Sherman, the little plots for sale are not common but do happen. State law requires that the office of the valuer has valued each property.

From history we can conclude that the participation in auctions where property is sold for nonpayment of taxes is a risky enterprise.

Now Broward County has posted a new warning on the online auction website, which says potential buyers have to conduct their own research, and that «the sale of real estate for nonpayment of taxes is not for the ignorant, it is better to hire a specialist who will handle everything before signing the deal.»