In the coming days new York and long island waiting for the heat

June 12, 2017

Summer started, then came the days when the wind and ice cream are indispensable components of happiness, and without water you cannot live and minutes. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation made an announcement about the state of air quality in the 5 boroughs, long island and Westchester. It refers to bad air quality in new York cityand counties of Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester and Rockland. The people of…


Weather forecast for the weekend in new York: hot, possible light rain with thunderstorm

June 10, 2017

So, here it is the long-awaited weekend! Maybe someone has already planned an outing to the beach and had dreams of a beautiful bronze tan? Forecasters say that You should not be too much of a hurry, at least on Saturday morning. Yes, hot days are just beginning and the temperature and does not think to decline. Tomorrow, for example, columns of thermometers will show 84-86 degrees Fahrenheit in the…


Endless winter in California in June fell 8 feet of snow

June 8, 2017

After the storms raged in the mountains in the Western United States, in early June, came winter. Rocky mountains, Sierra and Cascade mountains covered with snow in 8 feet, as reported by the National Weather Service. Prepare sleighs in summer, so it seems to say? For a resort of Mammoth Mountain in Mammoth Lakes has come good times, now they expect the influx of tourists. Last time this happened in…


Weather in new York: the week will be rainy

June 6, 2017

Leaving the house, grab the umbrella. Remember this throughout the week. Yes, in the Big Apple again rains. However, not without exceptions. For example, Sunday will be the hottest day of the week, and no rain, so you can plan a hike or picnic. Unless, of course, MS weather again will not change my mind… Monday, June 5, we are waiting for rain and thunderstorms. Not the most pleasant start…


Lake Michigan storm warning: bathing is dangerous

June 6, 2017

Power Chicago warned residents that swimming on the beaches of the city can be unsafe at the beginning of this week. The national weather service said that on the beaches of lake Michigan will be «life-threatening waves and currents». Waves can reach 5-8 feet in height. Meteorologists suggest before heading down to the beach, to see the latest data about their operation, reference services regarding the appropriateness of their use….


The number of hurricanes in the United States this year will exceed the norm

June 3, 2017

Since June, the United States officially began the season of Atlantic hurricanes. And it seems that Americans this year will have much to restock provisions, and rubber boots. According to forecasts from the National oceanic and atmospheric administration in the States formed from 11 to 17 named storms, from 2 to 4 of which will develop to a major hurricane, resulting in significant destruction and damage. It is useful to…


On the new York district was hit by a tornado

June 2, 2017

The last day of may in many cities of the state of new York turned out to be atrocious weather. The day was marked by powerful storms with heavy wind, rain and even hail. But most went to settlements County Dutchess County now — on the eve of the first day of summer the region was struck by a tornado. The epicenter of the weather phenomena were recorded in 19:14…


Weather in California: the beginning of the week will be cool and cloudy

May 31, 2017

If you are planning to go to the beach, it is better to wait until the weekend. In the late spring to the people of Los Angeles and its suburbs are unlikely to sunbathe, cool weather and partly cloudy skies are not conducive to sun bath. In the first half of the week in the districts of Los Angeles and orange County will be quite fresh — the thermometer will…


On new York looming severe thunderstorms

May 29, 2017

Today, Monday, may 29, in new York will be rainy until afternoon, reports NBC. By the evening the rain stopped, but the weather will remain cloudy, and the air was cool, with an average of about 15 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit). Some cities in the northeast USA because of the weather even cancelled the local parades for memorial Day:


Yesterday, US residents were able to see the Northern lights

May 28, 2017

On Saturday evening the residents of the Northern United States had the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful and unusual natural phenomena – the Northern lights. The Northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, occurs because of processes occurring in the Sun. The hot gas cloud that envelops the Sun constantly emits particles and fragments of atoms. Such flows are called the solar wind. When the solar wind reaches the…