The pilot of the crashed «Boeing», which killed 50 people, had forged documents to obtain a license

Plane victim crash in Russia in 2013, which killed 50 people, was piloted by a pilot who lied in order to obtain a license, and he didn’t have the proper aviation skills, knowledge or experience.

In the Main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia has finished investigation of the criminal case about the crash of the aircraft «Boeing 737-500» in the international airport of Kazan in November 2013. The crash killed 50 people, including all members of the crew.

The pilot of the crashed «Boeing», which killed 50 people, had forged documents to obtain a licensePhoto: Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

In the investigation established that the crash resulted erroneous actions of the aircraft commander Rustem Salikhov and co-pilot Victor Gutsul.

According to the investigation, have Salikhova was not sufficient piloting skills and he was allowed to carry passengers on the basis of falsified documents.

«Salikhov, not having the basic knowledge, skills and experience of the pilot, began to carry out passenger air transportation as a pilot of an aircraft», — stated in the message Sledkoma of the Russian Federation.

17 Nov 2013 Salikhov, in a flight by the route Moscow-Kazan, landing introduced the aircraft is in an upset position, wherein the gutsul the controls was not accepted. As a result, the Salikhov upon the occurrence of an emergency situation, breaking the rules of flying, their actions made the crash of the aircraft.

In respect of Salikhov and Hutsuls criminal prosecution terminated in connection with the deaths.

According to the newspaper «Kommersant», in 2017, was issued the first decisions on claims for compensation for moral damages, claimed relatives of those killed in the plane crash. In all cases the plaintiffs withdrew claims to the American Corporation The Boeing Company and a number of other foreign companies. The defendants they left the airline «Tatarstan» and LLC «AK bars Insurance», which entered into a settlement agreement.