New York police attacked the squirrel: video

New York police attacked the squirrel: video

Many people like to watch the squirrels, not expecting any catch from animals. However, they can be very aggressive and even attack people.

This showcase video from BROCKPORT, a small village in Monroe County, in upstate new York. The footage, shot police body camera shows how it attacks an animal.

As it turned out, the officer arrived at one of the local homes after reports of a tremendous squirrel, which invaded the territory of the owners without their consent. The animal occupied the kitchen… turned on the music and sat down to eat cookies.

Idyll was broken by the guard, for that the hour was punished intruder attacked him from the far corner of the kitchen.

On the page in Facebook the BROCKPORT police said that during the incident no one was hurt, and the young man eventually managed to expel.

Note that the aggression of the new York protein — not such a rarity. In the summer of 2017 animal attacked five residents of the big Apple in Prospect Park.

New York police attacked the squirrel: videosource: twitter