The white house may be preparing to exclude transgender people from Obamacare

Defenders of the rights of transgender people concerned about possible White house plans to eliminate from the system Obamacare transsexuals. According to their information, the Ministry of health is preparing a proposal to change the rules of social protection.

Information about such plans today by CNN, citing sources in the administration trump. The health Ministry may soon introduce rules that will allow healthcare providers, hospitals and insurers to discriminate against transgender patients, — writes the edition.

The white house may be preparing to exclude transgender people from Obamacare

In response to the request of journalists the office of public health and social services refused explanation: «We can’t go into details, because these issues are the subject of ongoing litigation, as well as processes and procedures of rulemaking governed by the administrative procedure Act and subject to the internal politics of the Executive branch.»

Section 1557 of the affordable care Act service 2010 prohibits discrimination on grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability etc. in certain programmes and activities in the health sector and expressly provides for the protection of gender identity.

However, five States and some social and religious movement have filed lawsuits against the rule. A Federal judge in Texas, reed O’connor in this proceeding, reports that «according to plaintiffs, the current interpretation of the Rules on discrimination on grounds of sex makes doctors provide medical care in a way that violates their religious freedom and violates their independent medical judgment, and from 1 January 2017 will be required burdensome changes to their health insurance plans… New position will require them to provide insurance coverage for sex-change surgeries and other medical interventions, regardless of their opposing religious beliefs and medical judgements.»

The ACLU reports that they have turned out to be a letter to the administration in a court in Texas, where officials agreed with the plaintiffs and promised to change the rules. Perhaps we are talking about the changes, which became known to human rights defenders and writes about CNN. If the new draft regulation will indeed be proposed and adopted, the ACLU, like many other organizations that protect the rights of transgender people, immediately promised to sue.